Collection: Flat Caps

The Flat Cap, also known as Scally Cap or Cheesecutter, features a rounded shallow design with a small stiff brim at the front. Variations include deeper styles like the Riding Cap and the Driving Cap, the latter featuring fold-down ear warmers. The Golf Cap closely resembles the Bond Cap, famously worn by Bertie Wooster, known for his plus-four attire. While these caps share a recognisable shape, their subtle differences lie mainly in the length of the peak. Currently trending are the Long-Peaked Flat Caps, also known as Shooting Caps, or Shooters. These caps are narrower on the head with a deeper back fit and a broad peak, ideal for shooting in the sun. Discover your ideal Flat Cap with Laird Hatters' exquisite collection. Shop now to experience the finest in British hat-making.
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