James Bond

In contrast to other rough-and-tumble heroes, Bond is elegant. His knowledge of dressing up, of cocktails ("shaken, not stirred"), and of seduction is unquestionable.
"He has Sexual confidence, depth of knowledge, sophistication," Desowitz said.
In part, Cork says, the sophistication comes from Fleming, who wrote the books that inspired the Bond films, which started in 1953.
Fleming "imbued the character of James Bond with a very particular British attitude that, as the British Empire was crumbling and disappearing, summed up what the world loved most about Britain," Cork said. "That core attitude, that unique perspective, was so perfectly embodied in this character."
The essence of James Bond is not only in how he holds a gun, but also in how he wears designer clothes, drives a hand-built sports car, knows how to prepare the perfect hard-boiled egg, and values the right amount of jam on his morning toast.
While we can't all be as smooth, Bond taps into our lust for the good life.
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