Signature Trilby Hat

This classic trilby hat is where our Laird headwear range first started. Our first love! We wanted to recreate and bring new life into the shape, to take it beyond the race track. Other hatmakers were making dull coloured dark and dreary hats that looked dated and tired, in drab finishes. Laird was determined to work in rich and vibrant colour palettes: teal, plum, burgundy, lime green, chocolate brown, deep bronze, silver grey...


We made the Signature sing in rich deep colours and paid attention to the texture- the plush suede finish furfelt. It was embraced by women and men alike as a must have in their wardrobe over the years. The Signature is a fashion staple with new seasonal colours always hotly awaited.



The Signature hat defines the Laird creative vision. It is the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, enhancing it with character and elegance. Have you got your yet?